The pandemic impacted the daily practice Healthcare Professionals had before this period, and impacted also the way they interacted with Pharma industry. 



The main impact felt by the physicians in their non-COVID actions, was the cancelation or postponement of the consultations.

Only 3% of the physicians indicated that the volume of consultations increased during the pandemic, and referred by physicians working in the first line.

When asked about the best ways to recover the canceled and/or postponed consultations, physicians indicated that making more telehealth consultations would be the best option.


In fact, the number of telehealth consultations increased significantly during the pandemic period, in order to fill the gap of the face-to-face consultations. 


The percentage of physicians who indicated that they had consultations using the telehealth method is very similar between Portugal and Spain.

However, the percentage of physicians saying that have the minimal conditions to do it, is higher in Spain.


Portuguese physicians mention to have received contacts through a higher number of channels.

The main differences are the contacts using Rep Emails and Phone Calls.



Face-to-face calls and Webinars are the preferred channels for contact until the end of the year. 

The percentage of Healthcare Professionals choosing face-to-face calls dropped almost 20p.p., when compared to the previous wave.

In average, Portuguese physicians selected 1.6 channels and physicians from Spain 2.8.


Generally, physicians from both countries agree that the future of the interactions Pharma Industry - Healthcare Professionals, passes by a balanced usage of face-to-face and digital channels.



Is the perception Healthcare Professionals have on which companies were the more active in the digital channels during the more restrictive period correct? You can check it on the Q2 2020 Promotional Effort page.

Companies perceived as the most actives by Healthcare Professionals 

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