The pandemic impacted drastically the promotional investment made by Pharma companies.

The investment dropped 72% when compared with the previous quarter.

Companies had to adapt their communication channels, with digital channels gaining space to the traditional ones. Spain and Portugal markets have a very similar split for channel types.

During Q2 2020 emailing and webinars were the most dynamic channels in the digital group, in Portugal while phone calls and postal mailing were the highlights among the traditional.

Face to face calls historically have a weight close to 85%, having in Q2 2020 less than 10%.

MSD and Tecnimede led the Share of Mind in the digital channels, for the national market, considering physicians and pharmacies.

Bial was the leading company in the traditional channels.

Top 5 companies among neurologists in Spain, during the more restrictive period, is composed by the following companies:

Bellow it is possible to see the companies that led the promotional effort, in the digital channels, in Q2 2020.

By clicking on the image for each specialty it is possible to understand if the Healthcare Professionals perceptions are correct.

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Medicamenta was the company with the highest promotional effort among GPs, and correctly perceived by the physicians.
Internal Medicine
MSD was the company making the highest promotional effort in this specialty, although physicians think Tecnimede was the most digitally active company.
Tecnimede had the highest promotional effort in the digital channels, but physicians mention Bial has the most active company during the pandemic.
Although Janssen is the company making the highest effort, Jaba Recordati is perceived as the most active company in Psychiatry.
For Endocrinologists, perception and reality are aligned. AstraZeneca was the company with the highest promotional effort.
Also in Pediatrics, perception and the leading company for the most active during the pandemic, is well aligned.
Once more, physicians have th ecorrect perception about the company that made the highest promotional effort during the pandemic - Roche.
AstraZeneca is considered by physicians the leading company during the pandemic, but it was GSK making the highest promotional effort in the digital channels, with Pulmonologists.
Bene is the top company in promotional effort among Orthopedics and was correctly perceived as it.
Pharmacies indicate Teva as the company making the highest digital promotional effort, but it was Perrigo to lead in this channel.
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